Finnish streamer drinks cleaning solution on stream after running out of beer - Dexerto

Finnish streamer drinks cleaning solution on stream after running out of beer

Published: 5/Nov/2018 15:02 Updated: 5/Nov/2018 15:42

by Matt Porter


Finnish  streamer Arttu ‘upi’ Pulkkinen was spotted drinking cleaning solution during a live broadcast on Twitch.

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It appears that the Finn was streaming Runescape, when the beer he had been drinking throughout the stream ran out.

Wanting to keep drinking, but unwilling to go out and buy more, Pulkkinen left his streaming setup and reappeared moments later with a bottle of cleaning solution in his hand.

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“Will this give me a buzz?” asked Upi of his stream. “Will this buzz if I take some of this?”

The Finn went on to jokingly compare him drinking the solution to Russians drinking extremely strong vodka, saying: “It’s real Ruski-hour right now! This is some real some Russian shit going on right now!”


Pulkkinen then showed off the label of the bottle, before opening the top and drinking from it, making an expression afterwards that told fans that he may have made a mistake.

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According to viewers of the stream, Upi left almost immediately after drinking the product, and didn’t appear again for 15 minutes, complaining that his mouth and throat were burning, and that rather than seeking medical attention, he was going to go and sleep it off.

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This is unfortunately not the first time viewers of Upi’s channel have seen worrying behaviour from the YouTuber.

Earlier in the year, paramedics had to enter his home after Pulkkinen was seen collapsing onto his keyboard during another livestream. The emergency service members attempted to wake him, but eventually decided that letting him sleep at home was the best course of action.


Pulkkinen has yet to go live again since the incident, but we’ll keep updating the story as news becomes available.