FaZe Tfue mocks xQc with hilarious table breaking impression - Dexerto

FaZe Tfue mocks xQc with hilarious table breaking impression

Published: 22/Apr/2019 19:03 Updated: 22/Apr/2019 19:32

by David Purcell


Fortnite Battle Royale scene, but he just couldn’t help himself from mocking his teammate’s attempts to break his own desk after being eliminated. 

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Tfue and xQc teaming in Fortnite

The popular Twitch streamers have been teaming up during livestreams to play the popular battle royale game. Fans have not only been enjoying the gameplay, but the raging antics from the Canadian, as well. 

However, it turns out that it’s not just viewers of the streamers who have noticed just how funny xQc’s reactions can be after being eliminated, as Tfue has also taken keen notice.

Epic GamesTwitch streamer xQc has started to play Fortnite again in Season 8.
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FaZe Tfue’s best xQc impression

The FaZe Clan professional player decided to pull off an impression of his own, after being killed in Fortnite’s new ranked Arena mode. 


Tfue thumped his arms down on his desk before flinging his headset away from their normal position, but that wasn’t the funniest part. Jokily impersonating xQc, he held himself up on his gaming chair with his arms before crashing his feet down onto the table. 

He couldn’t hide his smile from the camera, though. What he was doing was obvious, and hilarious. 

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The original rage from xQc

There have been a number of instances where xQc has flew off the handle – or become very animated – since playing Epic Games’ popular game.

In fact, on a few occasions he has looked pretty close to actually breaking his desk, as seen in the clip below as he uses his feet. 


“Ah, Dude!” he screamed, clearly shocked by the manner of his elimination in Fortnite. “How does that not hit? It was perfect. It was perfect!” 

It’s just the type of thing the streamer is pretty much known for on the platform. Whether he or Tfue produce the best rages isn’t really for us to say. Who do you think did it better?