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FaZe Rug gives guided tour of $10 million house with water park and train

Published: 22/Jan/2020 13:12

by Matt Porter


Popular YouTuber Brian ‘FaZe Rug’ Awadis took his viewers on a special trip in his January 20 video, giving everyone a guided tour of an incredible five-acre house in San Diego complete with a waterpark, basketball court, and a fully-functioning train.

With revenues and sponsorship growing among YouTube creators, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest names in the industry can boast some impressive properties, but FaZe Rug took things to the next level when he rented out a massive mansion in San Diego, California, spending $2,500 to rent the property for the night at what he claims is the “most expensive house” on the planet.


The property is currently valued at $9.9 million, and the YouTuber spent some time showing off the incredible house in his latest video.

The waterslides lit up at night.
YouTube: FaZe Rug
The waterslides in the back garden light up at night.

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Driving into the gated residence, Rug was immediately blown away, as the massive playground for children, volleyball court, and full-sized basketball court immediately came into view. To even see the waterpark, which includes two gigantic slides going into a massive pool, plus the soccer pitch, the YouTuber had to hop in a golf cart and drive around, as walking the five-acre property would take too long.

Not only does the main house have seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, but the property comes with two guest houses, and a studio apartment, meaning that a grand total of 44 people can stay on the premises, and with so many activities, it’s a major doubt that anyone would get bored.


Rug even managed to get behind the wheel of the train, driving around the complex while drawing carriages past all the incredible buildings and features of the house.

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At night, the entire compound is lit with bright lights, with the water slides surrounded by colored LED strips, while the entire back garden turns into an incredible light show.

The main house can be rented out for $2,500 a night, and is currently on the market for anyone interested in owning one of the most luxurious and crazy houses in the world. Don’t expect to see FaZe Rug living here permanently though, as even he admitted it was too expensive for him.