FaZe Censor explains why he’s had to shave his head bald - Dexerto

FaZe Censor explains why he’s had to shave his head bald

Published: 20/Aug/2019 11:10 Updated: 20/Aug/2019 11:31

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan’s Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has explained the reason why he’s had to completely shave his hair and go bald. 

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Aside from being an ever-popular Call of Duty pro who is continually teasing making a return to competitive play, Censor is well known for his YouTube antics.

He may not upload on a daily basis, but fans are treated to regular videos where he’s getting up to something – be it surprising his girlfriend with a new car or tracking down someone who leaked his address. This time, he’s paying up on a bet, after his Twitch viewers made a fiendish deal with him.


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YouTube: CensorCensor once had a full head of hair but now its gone.

In his August 19 upload, ‘My Girlfriend Shaves My Head’, the former Call of Duty star explained how he and his girlfriend – Marilyn – headed to Los Angeles for a sole day just to be at CWL Championships

Upon their late return to New York, Censor decided to hop right into streaming and quickly amassed a handful of new subscribers.

Some fans begged him to cut his hair at 4,000 subs, but considering how close he was to that figure, Censor turned that into a counter-offer of hitting 5,000. “Well, we hit like 5300 subscribers – I guess the people want to see this,” he explained. 


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As his haircut progressed and he inched ever closer to becoming bald, Censor again praised his Twitch community – and was even able to see the funny side of things.  “I honestly feel that because I’m getting older, I feel more assertive and manly,” he stated. “I’m 25-year-old bald, buff dude now!” 

Censor continued on: “Let me know what you guys think. The only reason I did this is because my stream is insane – I have one of the best communities on Twitch TV. These guys have just been supporting me day in and day out, and this is what they wanted from me and I couldn’t let them down.”


YouTube: CensorCensor is now sporting a new, bald headed look.
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While his girlfriend may have helped with the shaving, despite being mortified at first, Censor also revealed that he’s going to be trying the new look out in public and getting some content from it.

Either way, it won’t be a quick fix as he also stated that he’s living the bald life for the next two to three months.