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NikkieTutorials confirmed safe after being robbed at gunpoint

Published: 8/Aug/2020 21:50 Updated: 8/Aug/2020 22:10

by Meg Bethany Koepp


YouTube star Nikkie ‘NikkieTutorials’ de Jager has reassured fans that she’s okay following an armed robbery that took place at her home in The Netherlands, leaving one person injured.

The August 8 report was first published by RTL Boulevard, a Dutch publication, after local police tweeted out that there had been an armed robbery at a property. “At least” three people are suspected to be involved.

“The perpetrators threatened the residents with possibly a firearm and took an unknown loot from them. There are at least three perpetrators who fled in a beige car towards the A50,” they tweeted, as translated by Google Translate.


NikkieTutorials targeted by armed robbers

A few hours after the incident, Nikkie released a statement on social media, and reassured worried fans that she is safe and okay.

“Earlier today, one of my biggest nightmares became reality when we got robbed under gunpoint at our own home. Dylan and myself got attacked but physically we’re okay. Mentally it’s a whole other story,” it read.

She ended the note by thanking her fans for the support, and said that she was understandably going to be taking some time away from the internet: “Thank you for understanding as I take the next couple of days to myself.”


Supporters sent love to the YouTuber in waves. “sending all my love to @NikkieTutorials i hope she is safe!” one user tweeted. “Hey Nikkie I hope you are your fiancé are ok! Just know we are all here for you,” said another. These messages are just two among hundreds of well wishes from worried users.

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fans concerned for nikkietutorials
Many are worried for the 26-year-old following an armed robbery at her Dutch home.

NikkieTutorials is one of the top beauty influencers on YouTube, boasting a following of over 13 million subscribers who routinely tune in to watch her makeup videos. She’s also collaborated with high-profile celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor.

She first rose to fame back in 2015 with the Power of Makeup tag in which she covered half of her face with makeup and half without in order to show just how empowering it can really be.