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Fans embarrassed for Jacob Sartorius after he brags about drug use

Published: 6/Mar/2021 23:18

by Theo Salaun


Jacob Sartorius is now 18 years old and appears to be in the midst of a rebrand, as fans and critics alike are growing increasingly embarrassed by his emphasis on his new love: Mary Jane.

It’s one thing to smoke weed, which is now legal in much of America and becoming more and more de-stigmatized due to positive qualities impacting mental wellness and physical rehabilitation. In a country touched by documented issues with prescription drugs, CBD and THC have gained mainstream acceptance as more natural alternatives.

It’s another thing to make toking up a full-on character trait, as evidenced by fan reactions to Sartorius’s latest content on TikTok. Far from the years of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle movie tropes, people no longer seem enamored with weed constituting someone’s entire personality.


Sartorius, who rose to fame at around 13 years old due to music video content on before Vine and YouTube, has really leaned into the green leaf emoji on TikTok. And fans seem a little embarrassed by this, with many saying they don’t find usage of the drug to be that captivating. 

In a TikTok shared by notorious gossip Instagram page, ‘tiktokroom,’ Sartorius can be seen joking about not smoking that much and not being high at the moment. After each statement is shown on the screen, he breaks the fourth wall and gives a mischievous side look to the camera as the background lyrics suggest those statements are lies.


The song in the background is 2014’s “Wet Dreamz” by J. Cole and alludes to the rapper saying things that are untrue (or, as he puts it, “fronting” and “stunting”). But, while that song and album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” received nearly unparalleled critical and fan support for emotional honesty and craftsmanship — there has been no such reaction to the Sartorius version.

In the comments on TTR, fans are seen saying things like “ok, we get it” and leaning heavily into sarcastic applause: “Well done, Jacob. We’re so proud of you, let’s all clap.”


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As Sartorius grows from a 13-year-old pop star to dangling cross earrings and angsty Instagram captions, fans seem disinterested in him letting his recreational activities define his personality.


A number of his other TikToks reference his new passion, including videos about preferred munchies and whatnot, but his audience has generally seemed disinterested. As people and fans have reacted by making jokes about seeming to be impressed by the star’s activities, one has to wonder if he’ll stop leaning into it for content as much.