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Fans concerned as Tana Mongeau appears seriously intoxicated in viral TikTok

Published: 5/Jun/2021 17:20

by Charlotte Colombo


Fans of YouTuber Tana Mongeau have raised concerns for the star, some even suggesting she could be suffering from substance addiction, after footage of an interview in June went viral on TikTok.

In an interview originally uploaded by the TikTok tea account ‘withpeaceandluv’, Tana can be seen discussing her pledge to box ex Bella Thorne in the wake of the upcoming YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match. Revealing that she had some “amazing offers from Triller”, Tana can heard telling interviewers that whether or not Bella is willing to fight her, she will definitely be stepping in the ring in the near future.


However, it wasn’t the contents of the interview that caught fans attention. During the exchange, Tana’s speech is slurred and she appears unsteady and lacking in focus, which led many viewers to presume that she was drunk or high.

This concern was later reinforced in a second clip from the same tea account, which was uploaded with the tagline ‘Tana Mongeau caught wasted’, a clearly intoxicated Mongeau can be seen approaching a taxi following an event before stopping to talk to paparazzo Kevin Wong. Asking her about what advice she’d give to Addison and Bryce, she said that they should “get millions of views and be hot” before bidding Wong goodnight, telling all the paparazzi that she “loves” them.



Reply to @shroomskydoo with peace and love i hope she gets help bc i genuinely care 🙁

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Both of these clips were edited together in a TikTok uploaded by user ‘mouse’, with the video also displaying a comment saying: “She’s unfortunately very obviously struggling with some kind of addiction. You can tell in her videos. She looks messed up.”

With the TikTok getting hundreds and thousands of views, users in the comments were quick to express their concerns. One user said: “This is scary dude”, while several other speculated that Tana might be taking the substance Xanax. Another user said that they “hope she gets help one day.”

Meanwhile, other fans seemed to object to speculation that she might be struggling with addiction, with one asking: “Isn’t she just drunk?” Over on Twitter, one user encouraged people to keep “perspective”, saying: “All I’ve got to say is that I’m grateful I didn’t have a camera in my face and someone interviewing me at the end of a night out when I was 22 years old.”


Whether or not Mongeau is just having fun like every other person her age or experiencing something deeper is unclear, but the YouTuber is yet to comment publicly on the rumors.