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FaZe Adapt Finally Makes the 50 Foot Reservoir Jump

Published: 11/Sep/2018 22:29 Updated: 11/Sep/2018 23:17

by Virginia Glaze


When FaZe Clan pro player ‘Tfue’ made his move to the Fortnite team house, he and FaZe CEO ‘Temperrr’ made a near 50 foot jump off the side of what they called the ‘Reservoir.’

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However, FaZe ‘Adapt’ was too scared to make the jump along with them. He made two attempts at the feat before retreating, frustrated that his fear held him back.

Now, he’s finally done it – with a little help from his teammates.

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A large group of the FaZe Clan members made their way down to the Reservoir to take the plunge, all of them with cameras in tow. Adapt waited until everyone else had jumped before he made his move forward, and for a moment, it seemed that he would take a pass once again.


Although one in the group assured Adapt that he was a lifeguard, he continued to stall, despite his teammate’s encouragement. He hung onto the guard rail, cursing himself for not following through – much to the FaZe Clan’s amusement.

“Dude, that shit doesn’t look good! …I’m shaking. Fuck this!”

The squad stepped in with a word of encouragement, telling Adapt to take inspiration from JackAss’s Steve-O. While Adapt appeared to brush off the statement, he couldn’t allow himself to fail a third time and finally stepped off the edge.

He seemed to black out halfway down, asking his teammates, “Did I do it?” after resurfacing.

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He appeared to be just fine following the jump, stating that it was ‘easy’ in comparison to the long swim to shore.

“I was just thinking… no way is this gonna get posted again and I’m gonna do this again. Even more people were gonna call me a pussy.”

Adapt made the leap and conquered his fears – and even got a workout in the process.