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Dream roasts Frank Ocean’s bizarre Met Gala appearance with robot baby

Published: 14/Sep/2021 20:35

by Alan Bernal


Popular Minecraft YouTuber ‘Dream’ poked fun at artist Frank Ocean’s fit at the 2021 Met Gala red carpet, which included a simple suede suit and… a robot baby.

Dream is one of the leading content creators for all things Minecraft, and is one of the biggest faceless YouTubers on the platform. The mask he uses is as iconic to his audience as the bright green hoodie he wears.

Aside from his own getup, another place to find strange outfits would be the annual Met Gala, where celebrities, artists, and influencers come dressed in astounding pieces from the world’s greatest designers.


Frank Ocean was one of those guests, and came to the red carpet wearing a Prada suit while carrying ‘Movie Magic,’ the green baby hardwired to move, on his arm.

The green lifeless baby was striking and quickly reminded people of the Minecraft YouTuber, who had his own things to say about Ocean’s appearance.

“If anyone sees this man please let me know. He stole my baby from me,” Dream said in a tweet, with fans jokingly pointing out how the two share a similar smile.

Other than the ‘Dreamcore’ hat the artist brought with him, in reference to Dreamworks studio, there was, of course, little connection between Dream and Ocean’s appearance at the Met.


Still though, fans jumped at the tweet. People reacted to both Ocean’s choice of accessories to the Met Ball, as well as Dream’s parental claim to the electronic child.

There’s been a ton of fanfare out of the Met Gala red carpet, that included a strange comparison between Warzone’s infamous Roze skin and Kim Kardashian’s choice of outfit to the event.

While the Met Ball had a ton of surprises in terms of celebrity appearances, the internet seemed to have plenty of memes at the ready for every statement piece.