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Dr Disrespect’s long-lost brother found streaming on Mixer

Published: 20/Nov/2019 11:27 Updated: 4/Mar/2021 14:34

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Hasan Piker seems to have discovered Dr Disrespect’s long-lost brother streaming on Mixer after being tipped off by a viewer.

Dr Disrespect, real name Guy Beahm, is one of the most prolific streamers on Twitch and was named Streamer of the Year at the 2019 Esports Awards to boot. Because of this, the Doc has been linked with moves to other streaming platforms, especially with the influx of creators leaving Twitch for pastures new.

One streamer seems to be capitalizing on these rumors, though, with a new ‘Dr Disrespect lookalike’ streaming on Microsoft’s growing streaming service, Mixer. While the streamer, who goes by the alias of DeStache, makes no mention of the Doc in his information, he does appear to take some inspiration from the streaming legend’s broadcasts and interesting skits.


Of course, his hard work didn’t go unnoticed, as popular streamer Hasan was advised about the lookalike and promptly went to visit his stream – exposing him to hundreds of new potential viewers and making his 6-days-a-week grind worth it.

Esports AwardsThe Doc was named Streamer of the Year for the second time, after winning it first in 2017.

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Initially in shock and amused at what he was seeing, Hasan stayed on DeStache’s stream, who appeared complete with the handlebar mustache, matching red and black headset and branding, and an assortment of graphic overlays that only the top streamers could handle.

When Hasan first tuned in, DeStache was already in explicit form, saying “f**k Johnny Cash”, presumably to a viewer who had mentioned the late American musician.


He then had a big influx of users in his chat, which prompted him to pull up a DJ booth graphic overlay and start dancing, with Hasan watching on in complete disbelief.

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Hasan hardly had words for what he was seeing, but many of his viewers started calling DeStache “Dollar Store Disrespect”, “Discount Disrespect” and simply “Dr. Respect”.

Hasan started to question whether the stream was supposed to be a Doc parody, or if this is what the streamer was genuinely like.

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While the ‘lookalike’ belief might be the first impression that viewers get when they see the Mixer streamer, it soon becomes clear that DeStache has his own behaviors and style of streaming and that the similarities with the Doc begin and end at the mustache and red graphics! DeStache’s VODs on Mixer go back around a month but fans have confirmed that the entertainer has been around for a good while longer. The Mixer star is also a good deal less angry than the Doc!


It’s uncertain whether Doc himself will have seen DeStache in action, or how impressed he will be if he does considering the streamer’s platform of choice! Doc hasn’t shied away from criticizing Mixer since the likes of shroud and Ninja made the switch.

But, really, the resemblance is… something. You can check out DeStache’s Mixer streams here.