Dr Disrespect uninstalls PUBG yet again after explicit "pre-alpha" rage - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect uninstalls PUBG yet again after explicit "pre-alpha" rage

Published: 16/Aug/2019 9:43

by Connor Bennett


Twitch star Dr Disrespect has, once again, slammed PUBG as a “fucking shithole game” and moved to uninstall the title in a fit of rage. 

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Ever since it was released back in 2017, Dr Disrespect has had a love-hate relationship with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. While other battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends have briefly taken his fancy, none have quite hooked him like PUBG. 

He continues to return to the Bluehole title with hilarious skits and insane gameplay alongside fellow streamers like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek. However, it appears as if that relationship has turned to hate, once again, as the Doc let all of his frustrations loose and broke out his signature rage to bid farewell to the game. 


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G FUELThe Two-Time is one of the most popular channels on Twitch – attracting thousands of daily viewers.

During his August 15 stream, the Two-Time had been engaged in a long-range firefight when he claimed that his bullets should have registered as hits and blamed the game’s design. 

“Nice design, nice design of a game – look at that,” he exclaimed, trading blows with a foe. The streamer continued to try and rain down bullets on his enemy before he was eliminated – prompting him to blow his top.

“Fucking stupid ass game. You know what I’m going to do with this fucking shithole game,” the Doc added, before opening up Steam and preparing himself to hit the uninstall button. “This piece of shit game right here, we’re going to fucking uninstall it. Get this piece of shit, pre-alpha game off my computer right now. Get it the fuck off – I’m sick and tired of it. It fucking makes me so mad!” the streamer yelled.


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Even though Dr Disrespect ran an advertisement following his decision to uninstall, his anger still bubbled over – comparing the game to AAA titles like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike

The Doc couldn’t help but lay in a few final jabs, however, as he vehemently criticized the game’s design. “Projectiles come out of the barrel of a weapon, you see what I’m saying. Fucking terrible design – I’m so sick and tired of Battlegrounds, Blueballs Entertainment, so sick and tired of them, so overrated,” he concluded. 

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Whether or not Dr Disrespect will opt to re-install the game in the near future remains to be seen, but it could put a dent in his completing his own ‘Triple Threat Challenge’ – where he aims for wins in three separate battle royale titles. 


Who knows, he could be back on PUBG within a few days. Either way, he’ll still be criticizing anything and everything – that’s what his fans love to see anyway.