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Dr Disrespect teases his own golf event in future IRL stream

Published: 13/Jun/2021 14:22

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Dr Disrespect hinted at him pulling off another of his rare IRL streams, as he wants to take his viewers for a round of golf.

Dr Disrepect has set, and continues to raise the bar, for production on his solo streams, regardless of whether he’s playing Warzone, Apex Legends, or something else.

On rare occasions, the Two-Time has stepped out of his ‘arena’ and taken fans on IRL (in-real-life streams) around E3 and even on a boat while he played PUBG on a new laptop.

The Doc’s E3 stream ultimately ended in controversy as he got banned for his infamous bathroom incident, but he’s planning on taking things out of the arena once again as he has plans for another IRL stream.


YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The Doc’s IRL streams have produced gold.

Speaking during his June 12 stream, the YouTube star revealed that he’d played a round of golf on his day off, and was thinking about showcasing his skills on stream at some point.

“I’m thinking about starting a golf stream,” The Doc said. “Hear me out on this. There’s nothing really going on out there, in the golf world and influencers… I mean there is, it’s not being done right.

“There’s an opportunity, I feel, to live stream… have a nice, organized live-streamed golfing event. Easy to do! You don’t need a mass production. Easy.”


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The Doc has played golf on stream before, but it was virtually and came through PGA Tour 2k21 as he attempted to win an online game against others.

His past IRL streams have produced gold, and something as chilled out and slow-paced as golf could bring out a side of the Doc that we’ve never seen before. We’ll just have to wait and see if he follow through on the idea.