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Dr Disrespect superfan celebrates his return with insane cake model

Published: 10/Aug/2020 19:17

by Brent Koepp


Popular streamer Dr Disrespect was floored when a superfan made an insanely detailed cake of him to celebrate his return to streaming. The Two-Time Champion responded to the epic dessert in the most Doc way possible.

In June, the gaming industry was turned on its head after Twitch banned Dr Disrespect from its platform without explanation. However on August 7, the star made his return to streaming with a YouTube broadcast that peaked at over 500k viewers.


To celebrate his comeback, a superfan made a mind-blowing cake in the shape of the Two-Time himself. The epic dessert caught Doc’s attention as it perfectly captured his violence, speed, and momentum in the sweetest way possible.

dr disrespect standing outside arena
YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The popular streamer gave a speech during his return stream on August 7.

Dr Disrespect reacts to insane cake tribute

After a month hiatus, Dr Disrespect went live for the very first time on YouTube. His return broadcast became a major event in the games industry as over 500k viewers tuned in to see him take the stage once again.

To celebrate his return, superfan Natalie ‘Sideserf Cake Studio‘ created a dessert in the shape of Doc’s head which she posted on Twitter. The edible bust is full of details, and captures every aspect of the streamer’s over-the-top 80s persona – including his shades and iconic mustache.


The tweet included a video of the delectable confection as she cut a piece off to show the layers inside. “Dr. Disrespect cake! The Doc is back, so I’m celebrating with cake,” she said in the post. 

The epic cake even caught the attention of the 38-year-old himself, who hilariously replied to the video with an on-brand joke: “Pretty sweet….Get it? Hahaha hahah.”

dr disrespect cake tweet
Twitter: @drdisrespect
Doc reacted to the epic cake with a joke.

If you are curious about how the cake was made, you are in luck! Over on the ‘Sidserf Cake Studio’ YouTube channel, Natalie posted a nine-minute video showing how she created the incredible dessert.

While we are no closer to knowing why Twitch banned Dr Disrespect, the streamer is ready to move on at his new home at YouTube and already off to an incredible start.


With over 500k people watching his return stream, the star proved that people can’t get enough of him regardless of the platform he is on.