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Dr DisRespect Shows Off His Hidden Talent on Stream and His Viewers Can’t Believe it

Published: 9/Sep/2018 13:39 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:05

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect is best known for his charismatic character and top level gameplay during his live streams, but it turns out he has a hidden talent too – playing the harmonica.

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The streamer, real name Guy Beahm, has been streaming on Twitch in his signature costume and ‘disrespectful’ character since mid 2016, and in that time has risen to amongst the most popular channels.

He streams a variety of games, mainly battle royale types like PUBG, but also entertains his thousands of live viewers with green screen animations and other quirks – the latest being an impromptu harmonica performance.


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A man of mystery, not much is known about the Doc before he was the Doc, except that he previously worked as a designer with Sledgehammer Games, but it turns out he has a musical past too.

Opening packages sent to him via a PO Box, one fan sent the streamer a ‘Fender Deluxe’ harmonica, with a note that it had been too long since fans had heard the “smooth sounds of the harmonica, slice ’em up with a fine C major”.

And so the Doc proceeded to impress his viewers with a little tune.

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Admittedly Dr DisRespect was a little rusty, and needed some practice to get the tuning right, but he certainly got a melody from it.

Other fans sent in items, including a butterfly knife style moustache comb for the Doc’s signature ‘stache, and even a set of anti-bacterial wet wipes, for whatever reason.