Dr DisRespect Releases Incredible Trailer for Twitch Prime – Dexerto

Dr DisRespect Releases Incredible Trailer for Twitch Prime

Published: 17/Jul/2018 12:55 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:46

by Calum Patterson


Dr DisRespect took promoting Twitch Prime to the next level recently, as he marked ‘Prime Day’ by debuting the greatest Twitch prime plug ever seen on the website.

Twitch Prime is a service that allows users to link their Amazon Prime accounts with Twitch and grants them a free channel subscription each month, but the streamer still receives the normal amount of revenue.

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The service is seen as a win win for everyone, as the streamer receives another supporter and the viewer can use all the benefits afforded to a paying subscriber without having to actually drop any extra cash.

Dr DisRespect rose to popularity on Twitch for two reasons – his hilarious character act coupled with levels of production value never seen before on the platform.

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So when ‘Prime Day’ came around on July 16th, the Doc had something very special up his sleeves to remind everyone about the wonders of Twitch Prime and joining the ‘Champions Club’.

Cutting up classic movie scenes and laying over 80’s style graphic design, plus the Doc’s signature electro-synth soundtrack, it is by far the most effort a streamer has put in to promoting Twitch Prime yet.

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Promoting Twitch Prime has become a trend of sorts for top streamers, but they will all need to step their game up now if they are to come close to Dr DisRespect’s level.

Dr DisRespect doesn’t typically share his subscriber count publicly, but with over 2.5 million followers and a regular viewing audience of over 20,000, he is likely one of the most subscribed on the platform.

While he is not quite at the same numbers as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who has surpassed 200,000 subscribers on a number of occasions, also largely thanks to Twitch Prime, the Doc is untouched in his self-promotional work.