Dr DisRespect perplexed by Battlefield V PC settings - "The f*** are you talking about?" - Dexerto

Dr DisRespect perplexed by Battlefield V PC settings – “The f*** are you talking about?”

Published: 10/Nov/2018 18:40 Updated: 10/Nov/2018 19:35

by Calum Patterson


Dr DisRespect tried his hand at the latest Battlefield release, BF V, but was dumbfounded by one of the options in the settings menu and numerous glitches, prompting him to later uninstall.

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As a former game developer himself, working on triple AAA Call of Duty titles at Sledgehammer Games, Dr DisRespect would be in a better position than many to understand developer jargon.

However, even with his experience in development and years of gaming, neither the Doc or his thousands of viewers could understand some of the PC settings for Battlefield V.

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As the popular streamer attempted to adjust his game settings to his liking, he came across a setting called “Uniform Soldier Aiming”, which comes with the description:


“Enable the use of a procedural aim rate instead of the original preset numbers. The procedural aim rate tries to approximate constant movement in 2D screen space regardless of current Field of View/Zoom amount. This helps with muscle memory for aiming.”

After trying to make sense of the setting, the Doc exclaims “This is a programmer that said ‘you know what, I want to make my mark on this game, look at this cool feature I added’, he continues “‘And PR guy, let me write it too’.”

This wasn’t the only issue the Doc ran into during his first Battlefield V session either, as a notification telling him he was the “last man standing” appeared directly in the middle of his crosshairs.

After struggling to work out how to remove the notification from his screen, he was immediately taken out by the opposition.


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Despite the issues, which were seen frequently across a lot of streams of the early access ‘premier’ version on EA Access, the game does have a further 10 days until full release, on November 20.

For the Doc, it was enough to uninstall the game after his first day of trying it.

Hopefully by then, developers DICE can iron out the bugs and glitches (and clear up some of the settings’ descriptions).

Anticipation for the Battle Royale mode ‘Firestorm’ is still high, although it will not be released until March 2019.