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Dr DisRespect Out of Costume Reveals He Used to Watch Summit1G and Ninja Stream While Working at Activision

Published: 20/Jun/2018 15:26 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:31

by Mike Kent


Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect made a rare appearance in the spotlight without his trademark wig and sunglasses during the Esports Summit San Francisco 2018.

The Doc’s character was created all the way back in 2011 for YouTube videos, but when he returned to the bulletproof mullet in 2015, he brought a whole new lease of life to the idea via Twitch.

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Despite being one of the most recognizable faces on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, the Doc has still remained something of a mystery to many of his fans, especially as he likes to keep a low profile when not broadcasting.

A quick Google search can find you the real identity of the character, but that doesn’t stop fans across the world getting excited when he does take off the wig and glasses.

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On June 20th the Doc appeared as himself, Guy Beahm, at the Esports Summit San Francisco 2018, to help promote Boom.

Guy explained that when he decided to leave Activision and look for work outside of the Call of Duty franchise, he struggled to find other opportunities.

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He had the opportunity to work with Boom on streaming VR, and in turn he would be able to bring the Doc character back to life. A smart decision based on how successful he has been.

So why streaming? It turns out that during his days working for Activision, he’d always have a third monitor in the background with the likes of Summit1G or Ninja playing.

“Just going back to building levels. One of the things, you’d have two monitors for the engine you’re working in, and then there’s your third monitor.

On my third monitor I always used to have like Summit1G, up on the live stream. I’d be watching Ninja play the old Halo games, ya know, because he was so good at it.”

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He continued to explain what it was about streaming that consumed him.

“The whole streaming was certainly an outlet, an entertainment type outlet, rather than just listening to music. Sometimes you get in the zone listened to music. But video games, the background noise, whatever, it’s free TV.”

You can watch the full video below with Guy from 31 minutes to the hour mark. Please note the audio appears to be significantly low during the broadcast.

Watch ESPORTS SUMMIT SF 2018: Feat. Guy Beahm “Dr.DisRespect” from EsportsArena on www.twitch.tv