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Dr Disrespect explodes at viewer who tried to mock him

Published: 3/Mar/2020 12:40

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch star Dr Disrespect has hit out at a viewer who tried to mock him after a poor performance in a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Dr Disrespect is undoubtedly one of the biggest streamers out there, having made a name for himself by entertaining viewers with his bold attitude and never being afraid to call anyone out, even people watching his streams. 

Such was the case during his March 2 broadcast, when one viewer tried to mock the Doc for leaving a PUBG game, and quickly found himself under fire from the streamer.

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect is never afraid to hit out at anyone who tires to poke fun at him, even his chat.

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“Hey Doc quit your bitching, you can’t even win with two PUBG no-lifers,” said the viewer, causing the Two-Time to erupt.


He opened up the viewer’s profile and relentlessly tore into his Twitch page, mocking just about everything on there. “Oh yeah? Let’s bring up your profile… let’s see what you got,” he said and began to read his description in a mocking raspy voice.

“My dream is to make [streaming] a full-time job – Well guess what, YOU NEVER WILL! You’re still working at Burger King and you always will for the rest of your life” began Dr Disrespect, before reading some more and shutting down the viewer’s dreams. He added: “Well guess what… nobody is going to your f**king channel! F**king quit.” 


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It was a classic intense reaction that many would expect from The Doc, who doesn’t take too kindly to smack talk, especially after a rough game.

His viewers loved it, though, spamming laughing emotes and enjoying the “destruction” throughout. Many will have no doubt learned from the situation and won’t try to smack talk Dr Disrespect in the future unless they too want to be mocked by him.