Dr Disrespect destroys peeking PUBG players in hilarious Doc Cast - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect destroys peeking PUBG players in hilarious Doc Cast

Published: 12/Aug/2019 16:11 Updated: 12/Aug/2019 16:28

by David Purcell


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and while he has the charisma to roast them all night long, taking them out for his Twitch viewers to see might be just as funny to watch. 

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The popular Twitch streamer has had his fair share of problems with PUBG since the game first released, whether it be stream sniping or lagging all around the map not being able to loot. 

Yet, the Doc appears to have found a new problem and you can’t help but feel that he loves squashing it. He went on what could be described as an all out tirade against peeking players on the battle royale game, clearly frustrated by the tactic. 


G FUELDr Disrespect makes easy work of peekers in PUBG.
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It all started when Dr Disrespect started to roast peeking enemies for a few days on during, where he gave a hilarious reason for wanting to kill them in-game.

“It’s one thing when they peek, right, but it’s another thing when they peek and they’ve got ugly looking teeth and bad breath,” he explained while playing PUBG. “Those are the guys that I love knocking out.”

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While his jokes might have been enough to keep people entertained on that occasion, he stepped up his game in August 9, as he decided to trash talk them in a way only he knows how inside the Champions Club arena. 


“We’re roughing them up… If they peek!” he screamed, before repeating a hilarious gesture. “Once they peek, six foot deep they sink.”

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Consistent viewers of his channel will know, however, that he enjoys nothing more than backing himself up and it was exactly the same here after one started to pop shots at him during a Doc Cast segment. 

It’s fair to say that it didn’t end well for them as he rotated quickly, faced the buildings and destroyed a peeking enemy in seconds. 

“This guys hiding. Gets shots from his left. This guy didn’t want to rotate out of this building,” he said before firing some shots of his own. “That’s what you get for peeking you stupid son of a bitch.” 


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The streamer might dislike many elements of Bluehole’s video game, but there’s no doubt that when he jumps into the arena and it’s wide open – just like it was in these clips – he’ll make easy work of players that tick him off.