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Dr DisRespect clip becomes most watched in Twitch history

Published: 25/Sep/2018 18:47 Updated: 25/Sep/2018 18:56

by Albert Petrosyan


A clip taken from a recent stream of popular content creator Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm has become the most viewed Twitch clip of all time. 

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In the two weeks since being taken, the clip has accumulated an astonishing 3,086,707 views, a number that will likely continue to grow.

According to Twitch Strike, a tracker for the popular streaming platform, that view count makes it the most watched clip on Twitch, blowing past the previously top video, which now sits at 2,708,974 views. 

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The clip, taken on September 11, shows the Doc abruptly stopping his stream after a passerby had fired shots at an upstairs window of his house, causing it to break.


In the video, the streamer breaks character and appears on camera as Beahm, something which happens so rare that the audience was immediately alerted to the seriousness of the situation. 

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Due to the gravity of the situation, and Dr DisRespect’s massive presence as one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, this shooting garnered a lot of attention in the online gaming community.

Fortunately, neither the Doc nor anyone from his family were injured as a result of the event that took place, although the experience was likely to have been traumatic.

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Local officials later revealed that, although they had not apprehended any suspects, the shooting was done using a BB gun from a nearby park.


According to police reports, the suspect had knocked out the window of Beahm’s Porsche sedan, in addition to shattering the upstairs window of his home.