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Dolan Twins urge fans to stop “hating” on their TikTok lookalikes

Published: 12/May/2020 0:26

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars and social media celebs the Dolan Twins have asked their fans not to send hate to any of their lookalikes on TikTok, after the phenomenon has become a popular trend on the video app.

The Dolan Twins may be known for their YouTube fame, but the duo is now branching out onto other platforms, including viral short-form video application TikTok.

TikTok boasts its own wealth of massively popular influencers, more than a few of whom have dealt with lookalikes — and even fans catfishing as them on separate accounts — for quite some time.

Ethan Dolan, Instagram
YouTubers Ethan and Grayson Dolan spoke out about their lookalikes on TikTok, and urged their fans not to send any hate their way.

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The Twins are no exception to this rule, who reacted to “TikTok Boys” who looked like them in a video on May 8.


While they were quick to point out their differences from the assorted TikTok creators (including massively popular TikTok star Thomas Petrou), they were ultimately accepting of those who compared their looks to their own.

However, they noted that some members of their fanbase had been sending hate to TikTokers who made these kinds of videos, and asked the offending parties to stop “hating” on the content creators in question.

thomaspetroutv, Instagram
We have to admit, TikTok star Thomas Petrou does bear an uncanny resemblance to the Dolan Twins.

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“I saw someone hating on someone that said they look like me,” Grayson claimed. “No need to do that at all, obviously. Who cares? If they look like me, I look like them.”


“No hate,” Ethan chimed in. “Don’t hate on anyone, okay? That’s not how you deal with things. …just be happy, and no hate.”

That’s not all: the Twins also addressed catfishes using their photos and identities on dating apps like Tinder, warning fans that they do not use such applications and urging them to not interact with the phony accounts.

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The Dolan Twins’ message to their fans follows a slew of similar instances from the past few weeks, with such names as Charli D’Amelio and Nessa Barret suffering from drama related to their own lookalikes on the site.


Even Ariana Grande spoke out about the issue, seemingly slamming her famous lookalike Paige Niemann for going viral after lipsyncing audio from her Nickelodeon show, ‘Victorious,’ adding further fuel to an issue that has become a divisive trend across the application.