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Distracted driver crashes car after influencer Harry Jowsey films PS5 giveaway

Published: 28/Apr/2021 23:32

by Virginia Glaze


Like many influencers, Harry Jowsey was just trying to show his fanbase some love by giving out free gaming consoles when his charitable event quite literally took a “wrong turn.”

Harry Jowsey is more than a social media mogul; having also appeared on reality TV shows like ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and ‘Heartbreak Island,’ the Aussie model has amassed quite a portfolio for himself, and has even branched out to other venues like YouTube, where he publishes his ongoing podcast.

Boasting over 83,000 subscribers on the platform (as well as 3.6 million on Instagram), it stands to reason that Jowsey has garnered an impressive fanbase, who he hoped to reward with some (admittedly still hard to come by) PlayStation 5 consoles.


The reality star was in the middle of filming a video announcing his giveaway when he was suddenly interrupted by the signature sound of metal grating on metal and crushing glass — the unmistakable onomatopoeia of a car crash.

It seems that a driver got a tad distracted at seeing Jowsey standing in front of his fly Range Rover with a mountain of valuable consoles, and ended up sideswiping another oncoming vehicle, making for a grimace-worthy accident.

“I was filming this giveaway, and this dude just got sideswiped and almost died by this chick, in this Beamer,” a shocked Jowsey narrated over a video assessing the damage. “Just absolutely ***ed the side of her car.”


Footage of the aftermath shows a black SUV with a mangled driver’s side door and a white BMW some few yards away, although damage to the other vehicle can’t be seen in the video.

That’s not all; Jowsey even claimed that the BMW’s driver initially tried to run away from the incident, but luckily, it seems she thought better of it in the end.

While it’s understandable that anyone would be shaken up after witnessing an accident, Jowsey seems to have taken the situation in stride, prompting a slew of humorous comments poking fun at his blasé reaction to a fender bender that could have ended with a much more serious outcome.