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DisguisedToast and KSI “collabed” nine years ago and didn’t even know it

Published: 22/Jun/2021 1:00

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer ‘DisguisedToast’ and British YouTube star ‘KSI’ technically collaborated nearly a decade ago — and they just now found out about it.

It’s not unusual for big-time influencers to get together and make content with one another. In fact, it can be a huge viewership draw, and often results in a hilarious crossover of fan bases who would not otherwise intersect.

However, two of the net’s biggest stars have collaborated without ever knowing about it… and only realized it about nine years after the fact.

Before he was a member of OfflineTV and one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, DisguisedToast made video games. One of his creations was an addictive, rage-inducing puzzle/challenge Flash game called ‘The Frustration Game,’ much in the style of ‘The World’s Hardest Game’ from ages past.


Before becoming a chart-topping rapper and professional boxer, KSI played video games. One of the games he played on his channel happened to be DisguisedToast’s ‘Frustration Game,’ which he uploaded to YouTube in 2012.

Now, in 2021, Toast has finally discovered the video — and it’s safe to say that he felt a little awed by how surreal the whole situation seemed.

“Nine years ago, he played this game,” Toast reflected. “And I’m actually in this video. In the bottom right, because I made the game he’s playing. This is the game I made in high school.”

“I just thought it was really cool that the game I made in high school was played by a gaming YouTuber. Like, ‘Wow! I made a game, and this YouTuber’s playing it.’ Now fast forward nine years, now I am a reactor. Now I’m reacting to KSI, who’s playing the game that I made. It’s come full circle.”


It’s certainly inspiring to see how far Toast has come in his career as an online entertainer, showing that, with enough hard work and perseverance, people can accomplish great things — and possibly even collab with some of their favorite influencers without even knowing it.