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Disguised Toast hits back after being called an “edgy” content creator

Published: 13/Jun/2021 12:41

by Luke Edwards


OfflineTV content creator and Facebook Gaming streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has explained why it’s “crazy” to him that he’s considered an “edgy” person by certain sections of his viewership.

Ever since his permanent move to Facebook Gaming in 2019, Toast sightings on Twitch have been rare. Occasionally, though, he does pop up to speak to followers on his original platform.

Prior to a Vegas meetup with streamers like Yassuo and Sykkuno, Toast hosted a quick Q&A with his fans on Twitch.  As part of the stream, Toast mused over people labeling him an ‘edgy’ streamer and explained why he finds it odd to be described in such a way.


Toast is no stranger to accusations of being “too edgy.” Back in May, he responded to criticism for making offensive jokes in the past after a Twitter thread from a concerned fan, where he explained how edginess is “something [he] grew up with.”

Disguised Toast streaming
Facebook: Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast has come under fire for jokes made in the past.

But he took time to delve into this perception further, and explained how he believes he is perceived very differently by different kinds of people.

“There’s this juxtaposition or dichotomy because in my time on Twitch, these past 5 years, I’ve been pretty consistently [called] egotistical, arrogant, rude, and edgy, and I’m not even considered edgy by Reddit standards,” he said.


“People call me a Disney kid streamer and it’s crazy because you’ve got the LSF (r/livestreamfails) streamers who label OfflineTV as the Disney channel, and then you’ve got these new Minecraft and Among Us kids who label me as too edgy.”

Toast has no idea how this contradiction surfaced in the first place. He added: “So what happened? How am I edgy to this crowd of people and the Disney channel to this crowd of people?”

Toast has clearly embraced the “edgy” label in the past, but he has stated he will try to tone that side of his humor down. But whether this will lead to a less polarized perception of his personality remains to be seen.