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TikToker DigitalPrincxss slammed after charging fans for child neglect arrest statement

Published: 23/Oct/2021 13:39 Updated: 23/Oct/2021 18:07

by Georgina Smith


TikToker Marissa ‘DigitalPrincxss’ Cloutier is being criticized for announcing she’ll release a statement presumed to be about her child neglect case on a paid subscription service.

DigitalPrincxss is a TikToker, YouTuber, and streamer who has garnered a substantial following online, with over 2.3 million followers on her TikTok account alone.

Back in August, the influencer came under fire after a mugshot emerged online, along with documents that appeared to show she had been arrested after leaving her child at home alone.

She was released the same day, and in response to the situation wrote: “Hi guys I just wanted to come on here and say I do see your comments, I do see your concerns. I am not trying to hide or avoid the situation. For those of you who know how legal stuff works legally, I am only allowed to say so much regarding it.”


Now, Cloutier appears to be making a full statement on the situation. On October 22 she tweeted: “In less than 24 hours I’ll be releasing my statement (10/22 at 8pmET).” To the dismay of many followers, though, she added that the statement will be released on OnlyFans, meaning that you have to become a paid subscriber to hear it.

Her tweet was immediately met with a wave of backlash, with one user saying, “we’re not about to support or give money to someone who would rather party than be a mom.”

Another wrote: “Are you trying to profit off of the fact that you left your 4-year-old son home alone? Damn who knew she would get worse.” Several others tweeted at the site’s support account to report it.


However, many replied to the original tweet with screenshots of her account for the subscription service, that say the “user is inactive.” It’s unclear why this is the case.

Some are keen to see what Courtier will say in her statement, if it really is about the child neglect case, but how many pay for a subscription just to watch it remains to be seen.