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Destiny embarrasses Pokimane and Hasan amid relationship rumours

Published: 19/Apr/2019 20:09 Updated: 19/Apr/2019 20:16

by Virginia Glaze


TwitchCon Europe saw the appearance of many major streamers on the platform, including the likes of Pokimane, Sodapoppin, xQC, and more – but one streamer felt humorously slighted by other broadcasters at the event.

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Popular Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell let slip some potentially sensitive info in an attempt to embarrass both Pokimane and Hasan during an episode of the ‘Scuffed’ podcast on April 18, where he recounted his experience at the convention.

“I had a whole day with my boy Jake,” Destiny began. “…there were a couple of other real-life friends I wanted to meet. I don’t wanna name names, but it was Pokimane and Hasan, who stopped responding to my messages at night. Apparently they were too busy doing fun things.”


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Pokimane’s hilarious response to the callout

Destiny’s statement incited a wave of shock and laughter from those assembled in the stream, with Pokimane making a vain attempt to dissuade the implication that she and Hasan had engaged in a tryst at the event.

“Wow!” Pokimane exclaimed. “Don’t make me screenshot our whole convos. …actually don’t screenshot our convos. I will say, I asked to hang out with you on numerous occasions.”

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Hasan went on to imply that he, too, had asked Destiny to hang, only to be met with “radio silence” – leading to a hilarious 2 v 1 debate between the three streamers as to who left whom on read.


Pokimane’s mysterious dating life

This wouldn’t be the first time Pokimane and Hasan have been accused of being in a secret relationship, either; in fact, one viewer in Pokimane’s stream left a donation message that claimed she had visited Hasan’s apartment, alleging that they lived in the same apartment complex as the streamer.

While Pokimane appeared to brush off the message with a laugh, that didn’t stop fans from speculating that the two were seeing each other – but Hasan isn’t the only streamer Pokimane has been accused of romancing.

Popular streamer Fedmyster has also been shipped with Pokimane, as the two are good friends who both live in the Offline TV house with other broadcasters – however, Pokimane has never confirmed a relationship with neither Fed nor Hasan, leaving fans in the dark as to her current relationship status.


Pokimane’s trip to TwitchCon EU was preceded by her stint in Paris with streamer JakeNBake, which saw a slew of hilarious moments and an eventual, emotional end to her journey.