Deji heightens beef with Wassabi in new ‘Breakup’ video - Dexerto

Deji heightens beef with Wassabi in new ‘Breakup’ video

Published: 24/Sep/2018 0:43

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Oladeji ‘Deji’ Olatunji took more shots at fellow YouTuber Alex Wassabi in a new video, where he further mocked Wassabi’s breakup with ex-girlfriend Lauren.

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Deji partnered with YouTuber Anjie Jane Cali to create a skit poking fun at Wassabi’s breakup videos.

The skit acts as a parody of these two breakup videos, and featured a fake ‘breakup’ between the two YouTubers over arbitrary reasons, such as a difference over favorite foods and television shows.

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Additionally, the YouTuber insinuated that Wassabi’s relationship had never been real in the first place, as Anjie stated that “Dejelica” had “never been a thing.”


“I’m breaking up, but buy my merch,” Deji said through fake tears.

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Deji’s video further fuels the flames between himself and Alex Wassabi, who had gotten into it with the YouTuber over another video he’d made criticizing their public breakup. Wassabi even stated that he would knock Deji out over the debacle, and asked him to keep Lauren’s name out of his mouth.

Of course, Deji didn’t comply, and created a response Tweet that mentioned her name six times.

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He then created another video in response to the threats, where he said he’d ‘happily’ fight Wassabi should Jake Paul decline a rematch for the second, upcoming KSI vs Logan Paul fight.


“If we were to actually have a fight… I would make you my bitch,” Deji claimed.

While Wassabi has yet to respond to this latest installment in their beef, one thing is for certain – this drama is far from over.