Danielle Cohn hits out at Brooklyn Queen for "trying to start drama" - Dexerto

Danielle Cohn hits out at Brooklyn Queen for “trying to start drama”

Published: 2/May/2021 20:26

by Charlotte Colombo


As Danielle Cohn’s very public break up with fellow TikToker Mikey Tua continues, it looks like now the Brooklyn Queen has also become embroiled in the situation.

Fans were shocked when Cohn announced that she and Tua – who had previously gotten matching tattoos – had broken up for the second time since December.

In response to a fan questioning whether the two were still together on 28 April, Cohn said, “I hope he is doing ok, but we aren’t together anymore.”

However, the situation started to get messy when TikTok star Brooklyn Queen – who is managed by Mikey Tua’s mom, Katie Tua – uploaded a TikTok with Mikey on 30 April with the caption “Who’s his ex-girlfriend? Right answers only.”



who’s his ex gf?? (right answer only) @mikeytua 😂🖤🖤

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Along with fans, Cohn appeared unimpressed with Queen’s TikTok and “unnecessary” caption, commenting “respectfully, don’t talk about me again.”

The situation then escalated when drama page TikTok Room posted the exchange on their Instagram, which Brooklyn claimed led to racially charged comments towards her: “Is it the caption y’all are mad about or my color?”

In response to these claims, Cohn also replied to the TikTok Room post: “Why are you bringing race into this? Girl, you seriously need to chill and get your views elsewhere rather than trying to start drama with other people.”


y’all are WILDDDDD 🤣. drop a 🖤 if u feel the same way!!!!!!

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Danielle then blamed Queen’s manager Katie Tua, for the drama: “I’m sure Brooklyn is a sweet girl and Katie is just trying to get her to get fame off me, but come on, to bring race into this?”


Brooklyn later clarified that she wasn’t accusing Cohn of racism – rather, she was referring to some Instagram users commenting on TikTok Room’s repost of her TikTok with Mikey. However, she did tell Danielle in her Instagram comment that “telling me this isn’t about race is beyond offensive.”

“You are not black so you can never understand what it feels like to be called racist slurs,” she added. “We can agree to disagree on the caption, but I will never agree to anyone shading me for the color of my skin.”

Neither Cohn or her ex have responded to Queen’s latest comments, although Mikey did publicly profess his love for Danielle on his Instagram story and asked if they could talk about their relationship in private.