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CouRage roasted by Valkyrae, Symfuhny, & family members in mean tweets video

Published: 26/Mar/2021 10:45

by Alex Garton


In his latest YouTube video, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop sat down and read various mean tweets that he’d received over the past five years. While most came from his viewers, a number of them came from other online personalities including Valkyrae and Symfuhny.

There no denying that being an online personality or Twitch streamer can be incredibly rewarding and lucrative. However, one of the downsides is of course being under the scrutiny of everyone on social media.

While it’s easy to let these comments get to you, as CouRage proved in his latest YouTube video, it can also make for some great content. Although he read out a lot of mean viewer tweets, the majority of the funny ones came from other online personalities and members of his family.


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Courage reads hilarious mean tweets

While most of CouRage’s video is spent reading out tweets from previous viewers, scattered in between are a range of comments from various influencers, including Valkyrae and Symfuhny. Of course, none of the tweets from CouRage’s family or friends were meant in bad taste, but they were certainly hilarious.

Valkyrae’s tweet from two years ago referenced a 7.0 earthquake in LA that occurred while she was living with CouRage. Rather than realizing it was the earth’s plates moving, she assumed it was CouRage jumping around upstairs.

Symfuhny on the other hand kept it incredibly simple, calling CouRage a loser on Twitter and nothing more. He even received a mean tweet from his own mum saying he wasn’t her son anymore after CouRage declared that tomatoes and lettuce were disgusting.


You can check out CouRage’s full video below, which even includes tweets from TimTheTatman, Ninja, and his own sister.

It’s great to see that CouRage doesn’t take negative comments on Twitter too seriously, and even makes great content out of them.

While some of the tweets were just outright mean, others quite creative and funny.