CouRage reveals his "proudest streaming moment," and it's pretty iconic - Dexerto

CouRage reveals his “proudest streaming moment,” and it’s pretty iconic

Published: 10/Feb/2020 5:17

by Andrew Amos


Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has had a very successful transition from caster to streaming star, with plenty of favorite moments to pick from in his career. However, one highlight with Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar apparently stands out from the rest.

CouRage went from being one of Call of Duty’s biggest names, to one of gaming’s biggest names generally. The 100 Thieves streamer has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the space, following him on every big career move.

With years spent live on Twitch and other platforms, he’s got his fair share of moments to reflect on to pick a favorite. However, he did manage to narrow it down to one prank that caught dear friend TimTheTatman off-guard, much to his hilarity.


CouRage in Black YouTube Gaming Jumper
CouRage has been around for a while, with a fair share of “proud moments” to choose as his favorite.

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Asking himself about his “proudest stream moment” on February 9, CouRage re-shared the clip from back on his days with Twitch.

“[My proudest moment was] when I went to Build-A-Bear, custom built a Syracuse bear for TimTheTatman’s son, shipped it across the country, and coordinated with his wife to have him open it live on stream just so that he would squeeze the hand and have it plug my channel,” he said.

For the uninitiated, the prank dates back to August 2019, before the streamer defected from Twitch to YouTube. CouRage sent a present to the streamer for his young son in the colors of his favorite football team, Syracuse.


“Let’s see what we’ve got,” TimTheTatman said on-stream as he took a first look at his new present. “It looks pretty cool. It’s a SU Build-A-Bear. Wow, Jack built this himself.”

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The teddy bear is a good idea for Tim to get his son onto the same page when it comes down to being football fanatics, but the dialogue CouRage added was a cheeky way to remind him who’s boss.

“Hey Baby Brewbrew, make sure you subscribe to with Twitch Prime⁠—” it said, before Tim silenced the bear to stop the hilarious advertisement.


Tim’s wife, Alexis, who was in on the whole thing, couldn’t stop laughing as the streamer stared deadpan into the camera. He had enough too, vowing to never trust CouRage again and saying “I hate my friends.”

Twitch: TimTheTatman
TimTheTatman was less than impressed with the prank CouRage pulled on him.

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CouRage bringing the moment back up months later must sting a little bit for Tim, given the fact it’s gained massive traction on Twitter with over 30,000 likes. However, he could also see the fun in it, sharing it with all his fans to regale in.

Now that CouRage has moved to YouTube, the soundbite might need to be updated. Tim might be more ready for the prank next time he receives a parcel from Dunlop, however, but one can only hope he falls for it a second time around.