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CouRage and Ninja slam ‘Farmnite’ after another disappointing update

Published: 18/Apr/2019 13:43 Updated: 18/Apr/2019 14:27

by Joe Craven


Giant Twitch streamers Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins have hilariously blasted Fortnite Battle Royale, after the latest v8.40 update did not make changes to the game’s farming rate.

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Why have people been unhappy with Fortnite Battle Royale recently?

On March 27, Epic Games introduced the v8.20 update to the battle royale mode, which reversed a number of popular changes from Season 7, including a 50 health point bonus upon elimination and a minimum of 50 of each material dropped by the person eliminated.

However, another major change reversed by the v8.20 update was the reduction in material farming rate by 40%, meaning it now takes players significantly longer to reach sufficient material levels for the current build-heavy meta.


SteamFarming Simulator 19, the game CouRage jokes Fortnite is turning into.
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Since March 27, many prominent Fortnite content creators, including both CouRage and Ninja, have been critical of the update, and have been among widespread community calls for the update to be reverted. 

Ninja and CouRage are unhappy with the v8.40 update’s lack of change

On April 17, CouRage explains that in one match he had “zero [materials] the whole time because guess what? Here at Fortnite Battle Royale we love making you farm trees for 84 fucking minutes!” Ninja can be seen chuckling to himself as CouRage’s incredible rant continues.

“How on Earth?” he exclaims. “How have they not given us 20% farming rate? If I wanted to play Farming Simulator, I’d move to Nebraska and be the one to literally harvest the corn for the Lupo family to eat at their thanksgiving fucking dinner!”


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Here, CouRage is referencing the fact that the v8.40 update did not change the core game’s mechanics back to how they were, or even compromise at a middle ground of a 20% increased farming rate. The update instead opted to add LTMs such as Air Royale.

CouRage and Ninja weren’t done there however. CouRage goes on to argue he wants to play “Fortnite not Farmnite”, as Ninja shouts “preach” over the top, highlighting his agreement. The tirade ends with CouRage throwing shots at both PUBG and fellow streamer (and friend) TimTheTatMan for being boring.

There has still been no official response from Epic Games regarding the community backlash surrounding the v8.20 update. Nor have they signalled any intentions of reverting the update, as a large portion of the community clearly wants.