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Corpse Husband stunned after fans rent plane to promote him

Published: 15/Feb/2021 0:48

by Theo Salaun


Corpse Husband has one of the most passionate communities of fans in the world, but even he was surprised when they upped the ante and rented out a literal plane to promote his latest single.

At this point, most of the internet is both aware of who Corpse Husband is and very conscious of how impassioned his fanbase has become. Stemming from early years spent narrating horror stories on YouTube, the internet sensation has since skyrocketed into the upper echelons of Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch as well.

His single “E-girls Are Ruining My Life” went huge on TikTok, earning millions of views across both the platform and Spotify. His Among Us success on Twitch has enjoyed collaborations with Twitch personalities like Pokimane, political stars like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and possibly a game with singer-songwriter Halsey


But, while Corpse’s success is well-documented, perhaps nothing could be more remarkable than his fans’ adoration. Within days of winning a Times Square billboard from Gymshark by ratio’ing the brand with over half a million likes, Corpse’s fans have done it again — this time putting their money where their deep-voice-loving mouths are.

In order to promote Corpse’s track “Agoraphobic,” fans got together and, with #CORPSEINTHESKY trending on Twitter, they got a plane to fly a promotional banner through the skies of the real world.

Already surging into astronomical levels of internet fame, Corpse has now made his way into the real world entirely due to his dedicated fans. Unwilling to wait on the Times Square billboard in New York City, stans put a simple message on the back of a plane: “STREAM AGORAPHOBIC ON SPOTIFY.”


And, in some inside joke that Corpse and his crew are apparently cognizant of, they made sure to get the video above a Sizzler’s Steakhouse — a restaurant thoroughly enjoyed by the multifaceted artist.

Having released in October 2020, “Agoraphobic” has already surpassed an impressive 20 million views on YouTube and millions more across platforms like Spotify.

In the song he mentions that he “can’t go outside, I’m afraid they’ll be finding me.” As the past week shows, he doesn’t need to go outside — his fans will make sure his name is out there instead.