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Controversy in KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament as Team Secret Banned For Comments on Social Media

Published: 16/Jun/2018 3:50 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Calum Patterson


YouTuber KEEMSTAR announced that esports organization Team Secret would be banned from association with his Friday Fortnite tournament after comments made by the team’s official Twitter account.

Team Secret have recruited a pro Fortnite roster, with two of their players taking part in the sixth running of KEEMSTAR and UMG Gaming’s tournament, but after the duo reached the grand finals, things turned sour.

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It is worth noting that Team Secret’s duo representing them in the tournament includes the 13 year old player “Mongraal”, who, with his teammate “Domentos”, surprised the bracket to make it to the finals and eventually won the tournament and the $10,000 first place prize.

The team responded to a Tweet from KEEMSTAR congratulating the duo on reaching the final, but Keem judged their response to be disrespectful to the other participants and the ethos of the tournament itself.

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Tweeting “best fortnite team in the world. real pros, not entertainers“, the comment was perhaps a light-hearted, but KEEMSTAR explained that it was disrespectful to the tournament and the ‘entertainers’ who made it the success it is.

Team Secret also wrote “best players > big names” in a second Tweet, and KEEMSTAR saw it appropriate that the organization would be banned from future association with Friday Fortnite.

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Keem has since clarified that the players themselves are not banned, but simply the organization, stating: 

“The org is banned not the players.

The players can play under a different name idc. That org name will be nowhere in the event.”

And the majority of the community was behind KEEMSTAR’s decision, with FaZe Clan’s Ricky “Banks” Banks and OpTic Gaming owner Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez approving of the decision.

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Some top Fortnite players and participants in the tournament were also vocal on Twitter, calling out Team Secret on their comments.

FaZe Clan player Cloak and streamer Dakotaz both sided with KEEMSTAR’s ruling, with Cloak even suggesting the team’s players were not as good as Team Secret were boasting.

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Team Secret responded, explaining that their Tweet was only ‘trash talk’, and was not intended to be offensive.

KEEMSTAR later proposed an option for Team Secret, challenging the CEO and DOO of the organization to a duo Fortnite match against YouTuber’s RiceGum and MrBeast.

He followed up to confirm he was being serious, saying “No troll, welcome to gaming entertainment!”