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Comedian Michael Che sued by TikToker who claims he stole her sketch for HBO show

Published: 14/Sep/2021 23:43

by Virginia Glaze


A TikToker is suing stand-up comedian Michael Che, claiming he stole a bit she’d created in her videos for use in his HBO Max show ‘That Damn Michael Che.’

TikTok is a haven for all sorts of viral, shocking, and hilarious content, constantly churning out new trends, challenges, and influencers for viewers to follow to their hearts’ content.

TikToker Kelly Manno is one such influencer, who claims that her comedy bit ‘Homegirl Hotline’ was stolen by a comedian without her permission for use in his HBO Max show.

Manno’s ‘Homegirl Hotline’ sketches portray humorous, uncomfortable, and sometimes downright outrageous situations that people find themselves in. When they can’t get out of whatever fix in which they’ve found themselves (such as dealing with a cheating boyfriend), they call a “homegirl” to save the day — thus the name, ‘Homegirl Hotline.’


@kellymannoHOMEGIRL (noun) a friend who’s always down to do sketchy shit with you 👊🏼 #Homegirl #homegirlhoodie♬ original sound – Kelly Manno😎

According to the TikToker (who boasts over a million followers), her first ‘Homegirl Hotline’ sketch was first published in August 2020, nearly a year ago. The clip allegedly received several thousand views, with the second installment garnering over half a million.

A year later, comedian Michael Che portrayed an allegedly similar comedic scenario in his HBO Max show, “That Damn Michael Che.” The episode included four bits where people called up their “homegrrl” for help in awkward social situations.

TMZ has obtained legal documents from Kelly Manno, who is reportedly suing Che over the proposed similarities between her content and his show. Manno alleges that Che’s show infringes on copyright, which includes the phrase, “Thank you, Homegirl Hotline!”


Michael Che Stand Up
YouTube: Comedy Central Stand-Up
Michael Che is a well-known stand-up comedian who is coming under fire after a TikToker claimed he stole her bit.

Manno claims that Che’s “homegrrl” bit is “willful copyright infringement” and is moving forward by taking legal action against the comedian over the matter. The TikToker is also reportedly seeking “maximum damages,” alongside demands that HBO and Che block the segment from airing.

Che has yet to comment on the situation at the time of writing.