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CohhCarnage questions subathons still being used by rich Twitch streamers

Published: 28/Oct/2021 14:38

by Alex Garton


Twitch personality CohhCarnage has questioned the use of subathons by top streamers on the platform who are already earning a “tonne of money”.

Ever since Ludwig’s historic Twitch subathon back in April, the trend has become increasingly popular on the platform, with countless streamers giving their community the chance to boost the clock and keep them live.

This usually involves donations and subscriptions adding a set amount of time to a stream, meaning personalities can be live for multiple days in a row.

While subathons are often seen as an event in the Twitch community, CohhCarnage has questioned the use of them for streamers who already have huge fanbases that support them every month.


CohhCarnage Twitch streamer
Twitch: CohhCarnage
CohhCarnage still believes subathons have their place on Twitch.

CohhCarnage shares his opinion on Twitch subathons

During his October 27 stream, CohhCarnage was asked by a viewer whether he would consider doing a subathon in the future.

In response, Cohh gave his take on the trend, explaining that he doesn’t think top streamers should do subathons as they’re already generously supported by their community each month.

Describing them as “over the top” when it comes to huge streamers, it’s obvious Cohh wouldn’t feel comfortable asking his community to donate just to keep him live for longer.

“It gets to a point where you’re making so much money, your community is already being so supportive of you… it just seems a little much to me,” he said.


Cohh made it very clear that he does feel subathons have a place on Twitch and can be an incredible tool to build up a community, particularly for smaller streamers.

However, when it comes to the top earners in the streaming community, he feels that subathons are no longer necessary in the majority of cases.

“I’m talking about the very top end of streamers, I’m not talking about normal streamers,” he continued. “And for the record, subathons absolutely have their place… I did them”.

Although Cohh believes the very top personalities no longer need to host subathons for their own gain, he acknowledges their positive impact on the platform for a lot of streamers.


He also reiterated that his intention wasn’t to call anyone out, as he was simply answering a question from a viewer who wondered if he was going to host his own subathon.