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CodeMiko responds to criticism for inviting Alinity on her Twitch stream

Published: 7/Mar/2021 21:03

by Bill Cooney


Popular virtual Twitch streamer CodeMiko is facing some criticism from fans after announcing that fellow streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon had been invited as a guest on her stream.

If you haven’t heard of CodeMiko, she’s the hottest new VTuber to go viral on Twitch. The character, created in Unreal Engine, has her own colorful personality and appearance, but there is a real person pulling the levers behind the curtain, known simply as “The Technician.”

When we said she’s gone viral in 2021, we meant it. Soon after she debuted she had racked up over 200,000 followers, and that number shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon either.


But as the number of fans increases, so does the number of people who might disagree with CodeMiko’s content choices. On Sunday, March 7 it was announced that fellow streamer Alinity would be joining her for a broadcast, and some fans didn’t seem too thrilled.

Alinity has been a divisive topic on Twitch since that infamous clip of her “tossing” her cat over her shoulder in 2019 went viral. She definitely appears to have tried to put the whole incident behind her but is still getting hate almost two years later.

“‘Lovely’ is an odd choice of words,” one Twitter user replied to Miko’s announcement. “F. Nope. Not lovely,” another added, and there were plenty of sad cat pictures in the replies as well.


Miko didn’t just let the haters pile on unopposed though, replying to the main tweet and most of the replies with a link to Alinity’s interview with Dr. K, where she talked extensively about the incident and the backlash that followed.

Surprisingly, a lot of the tweets blasting Alinity that Miko responded to actually got deleted after she replied, and when other fans argued it was time to leave the whole incident in the past.

Despite the haters, CodeMiko’s Alinity guest stream went right on ahead, and you can catch it live or watch a VOD if you missed it on the VTuber’s Twitch channel.