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Cockroach interrupts SushiDragon's Twitch stream interview with Hasan

Published: 12/Aug/2019 14:59

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Stefan ‘TheSushiDragon’ Li received a huge shock when a cockroach hilariously interrupted his interview with Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker.

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While streamers like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek use Twitch to show off their god-given gaming skills, others use the platform as a performance and wow viewers with their amazing production levels and comedic skits. 

One such streamer is TheSushiDragon, who operates in front of a green screen – and even has a green-screened chair and floor, so that he can put himself in any background or situation. However, sometimes he needs to break from that character and backdrop when the real-world decides to rear its head and disrupt his highly-entertaining show. 


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Twitch: TheSushiDragonTwitch viewers tune into TheSushiDragon’s stream to watch his incredible production and hysterical skits.

During his August 11 broadcast, the streamer had been interviewing HasanAbi when he had to quickly cut out of one of his segments and showed himself in the green screen room. “I’m sorry, one sec, there’s a fucking giant cockroach crawling up. Oh my god,” he called out, before seeking solace on his chair.

As he pointed out the insect scurrying across his floor to his viewers, the streamer jumped up and grabbed a replica Keyblade Sword from Kingdom Hearts, before slamming it down on the bug. 

“Oh! Get fucked,” he screamed, clearly delighted with his victory over the cockroach. “Oh fuck, I fucked it up!”


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The hilarious squishing of the cockroach prompted Hasan to break into laughter, as his fellow attempted to maintain character and continue on with the show.

Ultimately, he issued a message to any bug that tries to interrupt him again. “Hey dude, you come in my territory, you’re going to get wrecked,” he stated, before busting out a dab and cutting to further hits of laughter. 

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While the bugs probably won’t be able to heed his word of warning, they’ll likely to continue to make rare, stream-disrupting appearances while TheSushiDragon hones his live editing skills. 


Either way, he’ll have to make sure he has that Keyblade Sword or even some bug spray close by if he wants to pull off another uber quick elimination.