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Clubhouse user accuses MrBeast of racism after being removed from call

Published: 15/Feb/2021 12:09 Updated: 15/Feb/2021 12:45

by David Purcell


A user of the app Clubhouse, Farokh Sarmad, has accused MrBeast of removing him from a call due to the fact he couldn’t pronounce his name, though other members of the call are disputing this user’s version of events.

Clubhouse is a newly released social networking app that allows users to join huge group calls where they can listen to conversations and interviews on a wide variety of topics.

The app is currently invite-only, and this has made joining the community even more appealing for many.

This has naturally attracted many influencers and celebrities to the app, with Elon Musk and Kanye West even agreeing to do a voice-chat together.


Clubhouse app shown on a phone screen. - William Krause, @williamk
Clubhouse is a relatively new, invite-only social media application that is taking the net by storm.

YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson was one creator people were looking forward to seeing on the app. Known for his crazy YouTube videos, fans felt that the 22-year-old would have a lot to offer the community.

However on February 15, Farokh Sarmad, Clubhouse user and founder of Goodlife Media, alleged via Twitter that: “Mr. Beast just threw me out of his stage on Clubhouse after bringing me up saying: ‘I can’t spell your name so let me yote you out.'”

Farokh said that Jimmy “asked the audience to put photos of ourselves with Gary Vee so I did. He invited me on his stage filled with white dudes only, skipped me twice, then came back to me and just cut me to say that. I didn’t even place a word in.”


He described the situation as “blatant racism” and said he felt “disgusted” and “shocked.”

However, some of the other users who were in the Clubhouse call at the time claimed that that was not how the situation really happened. Twitter user Sealow called the accusations “slander,” writing: “This is completely false.

“Jimmy made it clear to everyone on the panel that he wanted a smaller room and that he was going to remove people. I was one of the 4-6 people that got removed.”

Content creator Rene Ritchie explained that they were removing people to make more room for women on the panel to be more inclusive, so they “so moved a bunch of people off to make room — including Hank Green.”


He went on to add: “MrBeast was saying he’s bad at names — he got my name wrong multiple times. Modding is chaos.”

Rene also shared a screen recording of the moment in question, where Jimmy says: “I’m gonna yote you, Colin thanks for coming up,” and before removing Farokh he pauses and says, “Uh, sorry I’m really bad with names, I’m gonna yote you as well.”

MrBeast has yet to respond to the situation, and people remain divided in opinion.

We’ll update this story if the YouTuber responds.