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Classify’s Twitter suspension reportedly set to be permanent over copyright claim

Published: 6/May/2019 20:42

by Albert Petrosyan


Social media personality and Twitch Mob member Classify will not be returning to his regular Twitter account anytime soon, according to the latest reports.

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Classify is one of the core four members of the Twitch Mob, and is known for constantly posting hilarious memes, unusual videos, and images of his iconic ketchup-themed meals.

Out of all of the four members, Classify had the biggest following on Twitter, boasting over 105,000 followers and constantly pulling in a lot of viewers on Twitch.

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Unfortunately, Classify’s account was suspended by Twitter in the early days of May, just days after he had surpassed the 100,000 follower milestone.


While many believed that his account would be re-enabled shortly thereafter, an update tweeted out by fellow Mob member Froste heavily suggests otherwise. 

Classify - InstagramTwitch Mob members Classify (left) and Avalanche (middle right) pictured with OpTic Gaming’s MBoZe (middle left) and FaZe Clan’s Pamaj (right).
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According to Froste, Classify’s account was suspended due to Sony Music Entertainment copyright striking one of his tweets from “almost two years ago.”

Twitter is apparently powerless when it comes to situations like these, so all indications are that the account will remain banned permanently.

As Frosty hinted at in his tweets, this is certainly not the first time that Classify has seen his Twitter account suspended for posting content that the platform deemed unacceptable.

However, unlike those previous situations, it appears that, in this instance, Twitter’s hands are tied and they have no choice but to uphold the ban.


Fortunately for fans, the content is certainly not going to stop coming, as Classify has already transitioned to a new account and is already close to surpassing 10,000 followers on it.

“I will do my best to get my OG account back,” he tweeted. “Too many memories, tweets, threads, everything just gone. Tragic. But for now, hello Twitter.”

Who are the Twitch Mob

The Twitch Mob is a group of four online personalities – Classify, Avalanche, Mako, and Froste – who have a large presence and following in the online gaming sphere of social media.

Avalanche - TwitchAll four members of the Twitch Mob (left to right) – Classify, Mako, Avalanche, Froste.

All four members are well-known for posting hilarious, and often uncensored, content on Twitter. Prior to Classify’s account getting suspended, the four collectively had over 240,000 followers on Twitter.