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Cheekboyos viral TikTok road trip takes insane journey across USA

Published: 13/Aug/2020 16:19

by Alice Hearing


Popular TikTok duo Cheekyboyos are quickly becoming a huge sensation on the app, engaging everyone with their increasingly viral videos. As they get ever more daring, TikTok’s most popular creators are in hysterics.

Cheekyboyos, Coy and Brian, are a pair of popular TikTokkers known for their humorous pranks and crazy stunts. They have 7.5 million followers on TikTok where they have collaborated with huge creators including Logan Paul, James Charles, and even Jason Derulo.

Right now the boys are on a road trip across the US they’ve called “The great 48”, which can also be followed as a hashtag. For two months, setting off on June 21, they’re visiting and making TikToks in every state (excluding Hawaii and Alaska) in their camper van called “The Cheeky Train” and taking on almost any challenge their viewers set for them. They’re also writing the TikTok usernames on the van of anyone who likes, shares and comments.


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Coy and Brian are meeting famous TikTokkers along the way

So far, the boys began their journey by visiting Hell in Michigan, explored a ghost town in Ohio, found treasure in Rhode Island, went to Ben Silver as seen in Outer Banks.

But soon into their journey, they started taking on challenges from their viewers. In one of their first videos, they went to Chipotle and “said no to everything”, and hit a Target with a plunger.

At the end of July, the boys had their makeup done by James Charles in a TikTok that got more than 6 million likes, helped Jason Nash across the street, tackled Jason Derulo into his own pool, got knocked out by Logan Paul, and taped FaZe Rug to a ceiling.


@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next ? (Don’t try boxing at home, we are trained professionals) @@loganpaul ##thegreat48♬ original sound – cheekyboyos

Cheekyboyos have earned more than 3 million subscribers just in the last month, while their biggest video to date had more than 44 million views and 8.1 million likes. The boys were dared by a fan to go to Subway and get their sandwich toasted until the employee made them stop – their meal was virtually on fire.

Yesterday, in one of their most daring videos yet, the boys bought a tiny bike and rode alongside a real biker gang in South Dakota. The gang said “He’s our road captain” and gave them a fist pump.

@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next ? (State 41/48 – South Dakota) ##thegreat48♬ original sound – cheekyboyos

TikTok’s biggest creators swooped into the comments including Jayus who said “needs more leather”, Jon Klassen who said “I want to be you” and Ben Azelart who wrote, “Y’all so good.”


The video already has 4 million likes and more than 15 million views in under 24 hours.

The duo are currently in state 41 out of 48, and viewers are excited to see what they get up to or who they might meet in the final 7 videos of their amazing trip of a lifetime. If there’s one thing for certain, they’re truly living their best life.