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Charli & Dixie D’Amelio accused of cheating after winning Mr Beast event

Published: 18/Oct/2020 12:10 Updated: 30/Jan/2021 15:11

by Georgina Smith


Despite the lighthearted nature of Mr Beast’s Creator Games tournament, some viewers have accused winners Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, along with their parents, of getting outside help during the trivia rounds.

Mr Beast’s first Creator Games event in 2019 was a huge hit, collaborating with a host of high profile influencers and having them compete in a rock paper scissors tournament to determine the ultimate winner.

While the first event peaked at an already enormous 662,000 viewers, this year’s version of the games smashed that record with an incredible 1 million peak concurrent viewers.

The star-studded lineup included Addison Rae, Bretman Rock, Dream, and of course Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, who were announced as being a team rather than separate competitors.


Mr Beast Creator Games 2
Mr Beast
The starting bracket for Mr Beast’s $300,000 The Creator Games 2 event.

Despite being joined by their parents for the first round, in the final round Mr Beast only permitted one member of the family to face off against ZHC in a trivia final. Dixie took on the challenge, and ultimately won the $300,000 prize to give back to their fans in need.

However, despite the fact that the event was intended as lighthearted entertainment to give to a good cause, the comment section of the video has been flooded with accusations that the D’Amelio family cheated.

Some objected purely to the fact that the D’Amelio sisters brought their parents along despite not having been specifically announced in the lineup, claiming that they can’t “excuse the fact that it was a 4v1.”


Comment accusing D'Amelios of cheating

Comment accusing D'Amelios of cheating

Some also pointed out that the parents’ phones were visible on screen, and may have been used to cheat, saying “this is not what you do in a competition like this.”

The influx of hate and accusations towards the D’Amelio family caused Mr Beast to speak out on his own social media after the live. “I see some people mad that I let multiple people compete on a single team in the trivia tournament!” he began.

“Honestly, the tournament was just for fun and to bring the community together and I’d appreciate it if you were to get mad at anyone, get mad at me. It was my decision lol”


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YouTuber LazarBeam also had something to say about the accusations, telling followers “the money goes to the fans. It was all for fun. I don’t think people should be this upset to be honest.”

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are TikTok megastars with over 130 million followers on the app combined. They are primarily known for their dance and lip-sync content, but have recently been branching out into the YouTube world along with their parents.

They haven’t responded to the furor around their win, but at the end of the day, it was all in good fun, and for charity.