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Chance the Rapper allows Twitch streamer to play his music in exchange for custom PC

Published: 14/Feb/2021 1:43

by Theo Salaun


In order to bypass Twitch’s DMCA rules, streamer Kristofer Yee, who builds custom PCs, contacted Chance the Rapper to secure permissions to play his music — and the rapper seems very interested.

Chance the Rapper has a list full of awards and nominations (including four Grammy nods) and a whopping 8.2 million Twitter followers. As an independent artist, the incredibly popular performer is also capable of dictating who is allowed to use his music and who is not.

On the flip side, Yee has amassed quite the reputation building luxurious —often exuberant— custom PCs and keyboards, much of the time while streaming live on Twitch. He’s got over 190,000 followers on the platform, as well as nearly 100,000 more on Twitter.


Possibly thinking of his audience’s ears, Yee decided he ought to try reaching out to one his favorite artists to try and get permissions. Twitch DMCA violations are a controversial issue and getting a Chance co-sign would help bypass any problems. Fortunately, upon reaching out on Twitter, it seems that Chance is interested in making something happen.

Those making inquiries can take a page out of Yee’s book, as he showed perfect form in hitting Chance with a request. Greeting the artist with a casual, but polite “hey,” he proceeded to compliment him and indicate his intentions: “I love your music and want to play it on my stream.”


That’s a quality move that any father would be happy to see, as movie tropes dictate, that all hopeful boyfriends must confidently tell their girlfriend’s dad what their intentions are. But Yee continued in clean fashion.

“I build custom high-end PCs on Twitch. Can we work something out?” While Yee’s Twitter banner mentions “budget building,” he’s sure to mention “high-end” instead. That’s a quality play when talking to a multimillionaire.

kristofer yee lily pichu
Twitter, @KristoferYee
Lily Pichu seemed very happy with her Yee PC.

Having made PCs for high-profile streamers like Lily Pichu, Yee isn’t lying when he says he makes some deluxe computers. And, possibly out of a love for streamers, possibly out of appreciation for Yee’s approach — or possibly due to a blend of both — Chance seems interested.


The Grammy-nominated rapper simply responded with a succinct: “For sure!”

Now, their conversation moves to the DMs and fans wait to find out just what kind of custom PC might be enough to secure rights to play your favorite musician’s discography on stream.