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Censor’s $14,000 scam debacle gets a disheartening update

Published: 22/Oct/2018 0:50

by Virginia Glaze


Ex Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has provided an update to his case surrounding a scam that allegedly cost him over $14,000.

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While Censor took the scammer to court and won his case, it appears that the requested funds may not fall back into his pockets any time soon.

According to Censor, the authorities could not retrieve the funds due to an ‘unsuccessful demand for payment,’ and failed in finding property on which they could levy the value in question, as well.

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Censor explained that while he might not be getting paid in a cash amount, the money may be taken out of the value of the scammer’s home and sent to him as a check – should they ever decide to sell their property.


“It’s so hard,” he said of the situation. “You just gotta be careful at the end of the day.”

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The scam in question occurred in May of 2018, when a pipe broke in Censor’s home that rendered his plumbing unusable until it could be fixed. 

A contractor had bid the job at $6,800, but allegedly encountered an additional problem that raised the total cost of the fix to over $14,000.

According to Censor, the contractor had even dug a massive hole in his front yard without making efforts to fix the damaged pipe. He made an effort to call the contractor in question to no avail, which prompted him to sue.