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Casey Neistat shares live updates on cross-country road trip with father-in-law

Published: 13/Jun/2021 0:10 Updated: 13/Jun/2021 9:22

by Theo Salaun


Superstar YouTuber and vlogging pioneer Casey Neistat is taking on a new adventure, an ambitious cross-country road trip with his father-in-law, and he’s tweeting live updates along the 3,200-mile excursion.

History podcasts, party urinals, and 3,200 miles of America to drive through. Neistat and his father-in-law have a truck and a mission, but the road is bumpy and fans get to come along for the ride.

At the time of writing, Neistat and his co-pilot have made their way from Los Angeles, California through Utah, en route to Massachusetts. There have been naps, decisions not to speak with each other, and a worrisome fuel scare.


The wild rollercoaster of a road trip (and Twitter thread) all started at 4:52 AM PT on June 12, 2021, with Casey sharing a picture of him heading to pick up his father-in-law, Stanley. From there, things only get progressively more entertaining.

Aware of Stanley’s needs, Casey also set up a quality sleeping bag and nap section in the back of his truck. That worked wonders, as “Stan the Man” proceeded to pop in for a nap as soon as he got picked up.

At the first re-fuel, Casey even got to experience a lovely new restroom opportunity: the “Waterfall Urinal,” which has space for two to three guys at a time, as long as they’re not “shy.”


But not all fuel needs are fun, as the drivers swapped and eventually realized that they were running low on gas with no gas station in sight. Fortunately, with 0.2 gallons left in their 24-gallon tank, Casey and Stanley were able to find a lone station in the middle of nowhere.

As Stanley summarized perfectly, “that was f**king close!”

That used up some of their limited talking time, as the duo agreed to an 80-20 split — with 80 percent of the time spent listening (no speaking!) to history podcasts and the other 20 percent spent talking about those podcasts.

We’ll continue to update this piece as more details emerge about this ambitious road trip, but we’re hoping the pair has already learned from their early fuel crisis in the desert.