C9's Mang0 returns from Twitch drinking ban by shotgunning a beer - Dexerto

C9’s Mang0 returns from Twitch drinking ban by shotgunning a beer

Published: 15/Jan/2019 17:33 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 17:34

by Calum Patterson


Cloud9 Smash pro Joseph ‘Mang0’ Marquez has made a defiant return to Twitch – following his ban on January 7 for passing out drunk on stream – by downing a full can of beer.

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The popular streamer was given a seven day long suspension for ‘dangerous consumption of drugs and alcohol’, but the disciplinary action hasn’t deterred Marquez too much.

He admitted that he drank ‘a lot’ on the stream which eventually resulted in his suspension, but claims he had in fact only pretended to pass out as a joke.

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Returning to Twitch on January 14, he kicked things off with a light beer can shotgun, before explaining that he was, and will continue, “just being myself”.


Twitch will no doubt be keeping a closer eye on Mang0 from now on, but he has said that he would rather not stream on the platform at all than be “fake”.

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“If [Twitch] want to ban me, for being myself – yeah, I like to get a little stupid, I like to get fucked up – but if I can’t be myself, then what’s the point?”, the two-time Evo champion explained. 

“Then I’m no better than any other fake streamer on this site. 99% of streamers on this site are fake as shit. […] I’d rather be myself, and never be allowed to stream on this site again.”

He later did an alcoholism test on stream too, answering questions relating to possible symptoms and consequences of drinking too much.

The test concluded that Mang0 was at “high risk” and should “consult a medical professional immediately.” It didn’t appear that he planned to heed the warning.