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Bryce Hall roasts Thomas Petrou amid boxing fight challenge

Published: 9/Aug/2020 14:53

by Georgina Smith


Sway House member Bryce Hall and Hype House leader Thomas Petrou are having drama yet again, as Bryce called out his fellow TikTok star and claims he challenged Thomas to a boxing match.

Bryce and Thomas have naturally bumped heads before, being members of rival TikTok houses and capitalizing on the tension between them to generate content.

In May, Thomas took aim at Bryce on Instagram by screenshotting his youtube videos about YouTuber RiceGum and calling them “unnecessary” drama. He praised his own videos as “quality content.”

The drama kicked off again on August 8th when Bryce uploaded a YouTube video titled “Listen Up Hype House Owner…” He shows a series of screenshots of a war of words between the pair on Instagram.


One comment from Thomas reads “instead of talking s**t let’s talk about Lebanon” in reference to the recent tragedy in Beirut.

In another comment, Bryce made fun of his video filling a pool with plastic balls and says “we’re on two different levels buddy…stay in your lane.”

In his video, Bryce shows a clip from a paparazzi video via the Hollywood Fix in which he calls the Hype House’s content fake, following it up by saying “did I f**king lie?”

Thomas Petrou Pool
YouTube: Thomas Petrou
Thomas Petrou was criticized by Bryce Hall for plastic ball pool video

He then claims that he “tried to set up a boxing thing with him” in a similar style to the Logan Paul vs KSI fight of 2018.


However, he claims that Thomas “doesn’t want to do that type of stuff” because he knows Bryce will win and claims he’s “scared” of getting embarrassed.

When Thomas was asked by paparazzi if he would consider boxing Bryce, he responded that he “doesn’t think there would actually be enough people” would turn up. He said he would “rather fight someone off-camera” to teach them a lesson.

By the looks of things, this inter-house drama won’t ever draw to a close as long as the Hype House and Sway House are up and running, as it’s a huge part of the generation of attention toward their content.