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Bryce Hall reveals ‘date’ with Loren Gray was a prank

Published: 15/Feb/2021 5:36 Updated: 15/Feb/2021 5:38

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


In a recent YouTube video, Bryce Hall revealed his ‘date’ with Loren Gray that shocked the world was a prank and confirmed he slipped up by leaving a microphone exposed.

The internet imploded on February 13 when Bryce Hall and Loren Gray were ‘caught’ holding hands by paparazzi. But while some fans were shocked and appalled, quickly labeling it as a scandal, others noticed something strange on his shirt – a microphone.

In time, the consensus shifted, and most people concluded it was some kind of prank. As it turns out, they were right; Hall confirmed it in his latest YouTube video, and showed some BTS footage of the prank in action.


Instagram: Addison Rae
Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are one of the internet’s favorite couples.

“So this is either gonna go really bad, or I just pull off the prank of the century,” he said. “I feel like it’s already kind of put out in the world, at least to my haters, that I’m a cheating scumbag. So, I’m gonna be pranking the media into thinking that I’m a cheating scumbag.”

He then facetimed Loren Gray and asked her if she was down to help him out with the prank. Addison Rae was in on it, too, and approved the whole thing. From there, the wheels were in motion. But they still needed one more person to help make it happen.


“I haven’t been in a scandal in a while, so I feel like it’s just that time, you know?” said Bryce. “Now, we need a paparazzi that we can trust to make this completely believable.” He decided to get some help from his friend and popular photographer, Kevin Wong, who joined the fray.

Bryce Hall Loren Gray Prank
YouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce Hall and Loren Gray teamed up to make the prank happen.

“This is the first strategic chaotic thing we’ve ever done. Everything else we’ve done, we f**ked up on accident and then had to deal with the consequences. This time, we’re controlling the narrative. F**k these pussies. F**k these news outlets. Never trust what you see on the internet.”


But unfortunately for him, it wasn’t meant to be. People noticed a microphone attached to his shirt and figured out it was a prank.

“Hundreds of thousands of people saw the mic just on my shirt. It was a failed attempt. I did try to pull off a prank of the century. Sadly, it fails.”

The prank might have been a failure in its execution, but it still tricked some people into believing it was true.

More importantly, though, it generated headlines worldwide, which is a huge win for Bryce.

But the good news is that Bryce Hall and Addison Rae are still happily together, and he treated her to a glorious $100,000 necklace on Valentine’s day.