Bryce Hall reportedly gets SDSU frat students suspended after out-of-control party - Dexerto

Bryce Hall reportedly gets SDSU frat students suspended after out-of-control party

Published: 18/May/2021 19:26

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Bryce Hall called out a San Diego State University fraternity after being invited to a party that turned violent — and now, it seems those students involved in the harassment have been suspended.

Bryce Hall is the self-described “party animal” of the internet. Reaching fame on TikTok and merging over to YouTube, the 21-year-old social media star has made quite a name for himself thanks to his over-the-top lifestyle — but this landed him in a scary situation on May 11.

In a series of Tweets and Instagram stories, Hall called out San Diego State University’s SAE frat, claiming that its members had assaulted his Uber driver and even vandalized the car at a party he’d been invited to attend.


“They invited us to their party like little fangirls, and we showed up, and then they tried to troll us by taking our hats and then cornering us against our Uber and vandalizing the vehicle,” Hall explained in a short video clip showing off the damage.

Footage of the incident shows a crowd of students milling around Hall and his friend group, with one student nabbing Hall’s hat in the style of Jake Paul.

That’s not all; Hall even claimed he would press charges against the fraternity as a result of the harassment, and it seems that his threats have already bore fruit.


A short while later, one of the supposed students involved in the party Tweeted that Hall had reported him to the school, resulting in a suspension on their part.

“Bryce Hall really b****ed tf out and reported me and SAE to SDSU,” the student wrote, sharing a screenshot of an email detailing their suspension.

“They sent a couple of us a suspension letter, it’s cool tho, we are appealing it. Just goes to show how b**** made and fragile these social media fools are IRL. They aren’t about the confronting. 69 **** @BryceHall.”

While there’s no more news yet on this front, it seems that Hall meant business when he said he’d be taking action — proving that even he isn’t down with too much tomfoolery when outside parties are involved in personal confrontations.