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Bryce Hall loses it with paparazzi in public after they refuse to stop filming him

Published: 28/Feb/2021 11:35

by Connor Bennett


Bryce Hall had a fiery conversation with some paparazzi members after he asked them to stop filming him, but they carried on regardless. Though, they seemed to get things squared away. 

The rise of TikTok has created a new batch of social media stars, many of who have already ditched the app to focus on other things.

That includes Bryce Hall, who has found success on YouTube to the tune of almost four million subscribers. As a result of the success, fans want to know what’s going on in Bryce’s, and longtime girlfriend Addison Rae’s lives.

The YouTube star has always been quite friendly with the paparazzi who try and get the scoop on what he’s doing on a daily basis – he’s even used them in his pranks – but one paparazzo came underfire when he asked him to stop filming.


Bryce Hall hit with YouTube strike
YouTube: Bryce Hall
The former TikTok star has made waves on YouTube.

Bryce was out with Addison when he waltzed over to have a conversation with the waiting paparazzi. “Hey dude, can you stop trying to make me look like a f**king asshole,” Bryce said to one photographer.

Though the paparazzo denied it, Bryce continued. “You are, I literally told you to stop filming me,” he added. “You’re doing your job, I get it, but it’s f**king weird man.”

The photographer offered to delete the videos they’d captured, but that wasn’t what Bryce wanted. “It’s not deleting the videos. I know what you’re going to title that video, and it’s f**king annoying. I’ve seen your guys’ titles. I watch your videos,” he added, noting that some videos seem like an attempt to “f**k me over.”


The YouTuber continued on, questioning the titles and clips. “To all these impressionable fans who watch these videos, it makes me look like an asshole, and I’m not,” he added.

Despite the firey argument, the pair appeared to come to an understanding, with Bryce tipping his cap to their work, but just wanting a change in how they follow him.