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Bryce Hall issues $500,000 boxing match challenge to Thomas Petrou

Published: 14/Aug/2020 10:00

by Connor Bennett


TikTok star Bryce Hall has officially challenged Hype House manager Thomas Petrou to a boxing match, with a $500,000 purse on the line if they fight on the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr undercard. 

Ever since KSI and Logan Paul first squared off inside a boxing ring, the sweet science has become the go-to idea for anyone looking to settle a beef. It doesn’t matter if its a growing content creator or a superstar, the idea of a boxing match has been put forward.


In recent weeks, Bryce Hall has been trying to get Hype House manager Thomas Petrou to accept his challenge. The 21-year-old claimed that Petrou “doesn’t want to do that type of stuff” and is “scared” of getting embarrassed.

However, he has now issued a further challenge to the Hype House manager, claiming that they could fight on the undercard of the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr exhibition. 

Bryce Hall and Thomas Petrou
Instagram: Bryce Hall / Thomas Petrou
Bryce Hall has been calling Thomas Petrou out regarding a fight.

In his August 13 video, Hall said he was addressing Petrou for the last time in his videos by making him an offer that he “cannot deny.”

Hall continued: “I challenge you to a legitimate boxing match. Eight rounds, three-minute rounds, scored professionally.” He added that he’s talked to Triller, and they could add the bout to the Tyson vs. Jones on November 28.


“It’s a pretty big f**king deal. The entire world is going to be tuned into it,” Bryce added. “I will be donating $500,000 to any charity of your choice if you beat me. If I win, I’ll donate the $500,000 to any charity my fans choose to vote on. It’s a win-win situation, dude.”

The 21-year-old further taunted Petrou by asking if he was going to let down “millions” of people in need for “selfish reasons” and refusing to fight. 

Whether or not the pair will square off is unknown, as the Hype House manager hasn’t yet responded, but they would join an intriguing undercard if it happened. 


Jake Paul and former NBA star Nate Robinson would be the featured supporting fight, but Hall vs. Petrou would draw pretty interest too.